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Hiking Trails

Residents of Sixty-01 have access to a major network of trails throughout the immediate vicinity.

Along the south end of the property (pictured) is a several-miles-long 'working' bridle trail. Going East along this trail will take you past the Red-West Microsoft campus and down to Marymoor Park on Lake Sammamish, while going West delivers you to the beautiful Bridle Trails State Park!

Bridle Trails State Park is owned and maintained by the State of Washington and consists of 481 acres containing over 28 miles of multi-use trails. Botanists, hikers, and other pedestrians use the trails compatibly with equestrians; only hikers on foot and riders on horse are permitted. (See next amenity: Local Parks)

There is an access gate to this trail just east of Parkside; south end of the property. A key is necessary and can be obtained from the front desk. Or you can walk east to the end of the fence at 140th, then travel west–back along the fence–towards Kirkland.

Happy Trails!


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